What is LingHacksIV?

LingHacks IV is the fourth iteration of the world's first computational linguistics hackathon for high schoolers. Our goal is to expose students of all backgrounds to the field of natural language processing and inspire students to pursue computer science in their careers. ​LingHacks IV is a weekend-long invention competition where you come together with a team and build a software project that integrates computational linguistics and may or may not solve a scientific or social problem. 


A 2-3 minute video along with a description of your project must be submitted to Devpost by the submission deadline: JUNE 20th @ 11:59 PM CST. This should include your brainstorming, inspiration, design process, resources, and the final product, among other details.

A Github link to your source code is required for all projects. All projects must be created solely within the time period of LingHacksIV.

Cross-submission is not allowed with other hackathons and teams may be disqualified if they are found violating these requirements.

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$425 in prizes

Overall Winner - 1st place

$150 cash
$25 AoPS Gift Card

Overall Runner-up - 2nd Place

$100 cash
$25 AoPS Gift Card

Overall Runner-up - 3rd Place

$50 cash
$25 AoPS Gift Card

Best use of AI/Machine Learning

$25 cash
$25 AoPS Gift Card

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Karina Halevy

Karina Halevy
Harvard University

Rohan Pandey

Rohan Pandey
Carnegie Mellon University

Yura Abharian

Yura Abharian
Software Engineer

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Is the project creative? Is it original? Is the idea unique?
  • Impact
    Does the project benefit a certain community? How does it benefit them? How wide is the scope of the project?
  • Feasibility
    Is the project effective in completing its goal? Does the project work without bugs/problems?
  • Technology
    Does the project reflect a high, sophisticated level of knowledge? What type of frameworks and libraries did they use? What level of difficulty would the project entail?
  • UI/UX
    Is the project designed aesthetically? Is the project well-designed for its users? Does the project take into account different users and their experiences?

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